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Musketeer is the most expensive of the basic soldier types to kit yourself out as. The majority of this cost being the purchase of a musket, but there is also the cost of obtaining a Shotgun Certificate and an Explosives Certificate and any cost of meeting the requirement of those, storage facilities and security arangements for example.

Basic Kit

The basic kit of a Musketeer is the same as a Pikeman.



A musketeer will need to buy their own C17th style musket for use on the field. There are several manufacturers producing muskets suitable for use in English Civil War re-enactment. Seasoned musketeers in the regiment will be able to give you guidence when it comes time to buy your musket. A limited number dummy muskets are available to be borrowed by musketeers in training until such as they have obtained their shotgun certificate and can buy their own. It may also be possible to borrow a live musket from another musketeer once you have your paper work.

Muskets come in three basic types: matchlocks, flintlocks and wheellocks. The matchlock was the most common form of musket in the C17th, the basic method of firing had changed little since the C15th.

The matchlock is fired by means of a length of hemp coard called slow match, hence the name of the musket type. The match is prepared by soaking it in a mix saltpetre (potassium nitrate [KNO3]) and the lees of wine, though vinegar can be substituted for the latter. When lit a piece of slow match will burn slowly with just a hot ember on the end. The lit match was pressed into a clamp on the musket called a serpent. The musket was actually fired by pulling the trigger (or tricker) which lowered the glowing match into pan causing the powder to ignite.

All modern firing muskets are legally classified as shotguns, as indeed are many of the cannons in the society, therefore in order to obtain one and use it you will need to obtain a Shotgun Certificate from your local police force. Muskets are fired using a form of lose explosive called Black Powder (known to many people simply as Gun Powder, though this is an imprecise name); this is a controlled explosive under British law so you will also need to obtain something called an Aquire Only Explosives Certificate, which is also obtainable from your local police force.


Musketeers may carry a sword similar to pikemen.


We don't get any - yes: your webmaster is a musketeer. This is not strictly true - we can (and indeed it is advisable to do so) wear something called a secret. This is traditionaly a metal skull cap, though can now be made of plastic as it's not visible, worn under your montero or felt hat to act as protection against knocks and minor blows; and they're authentic!

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