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15thApril 2005

I've created a print style sheet for the site. Compatible browsers should now use it when you print out a page on the site. The print style sheet strips all of the page decoration and menus from the page so you just have the body of the page and any graphics that are actually part of the page.

26thFebruary 2005

The website is being moved to the Sealed Knot's own webserver. This should mean it will be slightly quicker. I'll be working on a fully IE6 compatible version at somepoint, so that I don't have to rely on the IE7 JavaScripts to make IE behave sensibly. In the mean time you might like to go and download Firefox instead; which is a much more standards compliant and friendly browser.

The latest edition of Bard's News is available for download in PDF format. A browseable HTML version will be online shortly™.

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