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Colonel's Colour
Colonel's Colour

A northern unit, probably raised in Northumberland, it arrived in Oxford sometime in May 1643. Originally commanded by Colonel Thomas Pinchbeck, half the unit under Henry Bard was drawn off to form Lord Percy's Foote. Pinchbeck, however, was killed at the First Battle of Newbury and Bard returned to take command in time to lose most of the men at the Battle of Cheriton Wood. A week after the battle the unit mustered only 176 men!

The regiment later took part in battles at Cropedy Bridge, Lostwithiel and the Second Battle of Newbury before going into the garrison of Campden House where it received reinforcements, some from the Queen's Life Guard, bringing it up to a force 300 strong. It is possible that they may also at this time have become an all musketeer unit as was normal with garrisons and firelock muskets were certainly issued. Originally they wore grey or white coats but it is possible that red coats may have been issued at this time. The unit was finaly destroyed at the Battle of Naseby; all of its colours were captured.

Present Day

The present day regiment has two companies: Captain Errington's Companye, based mainly in Essex but also having members as far a field as Ipswich and Devon and The Major's Companye, based mainly around the Basingstoke area, but also having a member from Essex...

We field Pikemen, Musketeers, Drummers and Ensigns at musters and also have camp followers who carry water (and Jelly Babies!) on the field for the troops. There are also two cannons within the regiment: Donna and Lizzy B.

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